The new way to work combines the benefits of independent consulting with the springboard of a committed network.

Succeeding as an independent consultant takes more than just doing stellar work.

What if you felt more confident and better supported as a consultant?

We’re building a community to help you succeed at your gig AND at the same time address all the items that are required to achieve my career goals.

The simple fact is that being a successful independent is difficult to achieve on your own.

This is why superstars in movies and sports join agencies….to not only make their day-to-day easier, but to belong to a network of like-minded professionals that can provide support for their larger career goals.

Being part of a local community will help you:

  • Help Define and Present the Best Version of You

  • Help Spread the Word of “You”

  • Help Create Channels to Desired Network

  • Help Direct Your Growth Plan

  • Manage Back Office Functions of your Gigs

This is about your growth, your earnings power, and your happiness.  Sometimes it helps to have someone looking out for you and your career path. 

Get Access to Exclusive Benefits


Members of the ConsultDirect Community have access to exclusive benefits that are not available freely on ConsultDirect. This private network contains roadmaps and resources designed to help you level up your consulting skills and take advantage of opportunities not available to others.


The ConsultDirect “Brand of You” roadmap. A curated and constantly growing collection of resources accessible only to members and personalized to your specific goals. Our goal is to make this your roadmap to consulting success. We are regularly adding content to the library and you’ll have access to everything, past and future.


Direct access to amazing people. Private networking opportunities with DC accounting consultants in the same space as you. We provide personalized connection services to help connect you with the right people to move your career forward.


Discounted access to training and CPE resources. Make advancing your skills a priority with exclusive access to the training you need to take the next step and ensure you have the right skills to bill your highest possible rate.


Join the community for free, today.

  • Access to a committed network of accounting consultants.

  • Personalized “Brand of You” roadmap.

  • Exclusive jobs, content, and events focused on consulting in the DC area.