A new way to find high-end, on-site consultants


Search talent in real-time.

Instantly identify pre-vetted consultants matching your project requirements.

Create your shortlist.

Review peer recommendations before inviting candidates to apply.

Then, hire directly.

Remove high premiums by talking directly to candidates.


A more efficient way to hire external consultants

Access a warm bench of vetted talent. ConsultDirect provides a springboard to scale and quickly augment your project needs with specialized consultants. It’s the new way for consultants and employers to engage and work together, and it’s redefining the antiquated models that have dominated this industry for far too long.

Our mission isn’t merely to help individuals and employers find each other. We are here to help them build meaningful relationships. Every component of ConsultDirect — from our vetting process to our matching algorithm — is designed to ensure that we create the right match and everyone wins.


Built for project success

Our proprietary matching algorithm identifies consultants that are most likely to meet or exceed your project expectations based on past performance of similar projects.

Negotiate directly

Work directly with the consultant of your choice on the project fees without a middleman.

Transparent fees

Post as many project needs for free and only pay if you successfully hire a consultant for a project. The successful hire fee is a flat $500.

See how we can help make your project successful.

ConsultDirect is a new way of hiring for your project needs that enables your organization to access a warm bench of high-end consultants without having to pay excessive premiums.