Do you want to double your income overnight? 

We help talented finance and accounting professionals in the DC area get the best rate for their skills as independent consultants.


Is that even possible?


Doubling your income is absolutely possible to earn double the income you would make in a comparable positions at a large accounting or consulting firms.


By working on projects as an independent consultant. You don’t need a multi-million dollar marketing team, in-house trainings or a downtown skyscraper to do incredible work for your clients.

The best part?

Increasing your income isn’t the only benefit of becoming an independent consultant. You’ll be able to:

  • Work more flexible hours. Want to take 3 months off to travel, no problem. Be home for dinner with your family, you can set a schedule that works for you.

  • Work on a wide range of projects. Looking to learn something new or work with new people? Consulting provides the option to accept or reject projects and switch more often.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Top companies in the DC area spend millions of dollars every year to solve their finance and accounting challenges. Why' shouldn’t you get a slice of the pie.

This could be you

Interim CFO

Step in on an interim basis to fill in a gap during a change, experience supporting preparation, diligence and interface with capital markets for debt, equity or out right sale of a company. Lead an operations change to support strategic efforts or fill in an operational role as support for the primary CFO.

Interim Controller / Accounting Manager

Step in on an interim basis to fill a gap during a transition, help design and implement a new controls environment. Help with the selection and oversee implementation of operational accounting, billing, hr and other operational systems.


Technical Accounting

Help develop policy appropriate to the company in various areas. Have expertise in ASC 606, ASC 842, or Purchase Accounting.

Tax and Planning

Experienced in federal, internal and state/local tax issues including Corporate Planning, Entity Selection, Profit Repatriation, International Taxes, Transfer Pricing, Sales and Use Taxes.


Financial & Investor Reporting

Help design, implement and effectuate an internal and external investor reporting process. Experts with knowledge of public company SEC reporting.

System Implementation

Experienced with various systems like Hyperion, Netsuite, Cloud based accounting systems and able to help in system selection, configuration and implementation of existing or new systems.

If you have the right skills, it’s just a matter of leverage.

The best time to look for a job is when you have one. Even if you're not actively looking to leave your current employer, you need one eye on the market to know where your best opportunity lies and how much your skills are really worth.

The problem is…

With looming deadlines, who has the time to identity and apply to the perfect position? If you're already overwhelmed at work, it's hard to take a long view of the career path ahead. You might be:

  • …unsure where to look or who to talk to about positions you don’t see on job boards?

  • …frustrated about applying to job postings and never hearing back?

  • …tired of recruiters calling about projects you have no interest in?

  • …sick of being placed on a project then kicked to the curb the next time around?

If you’re in any of these boats -- or if you find searching painful and unproductive -- it may help to have someone working those angles for you.

What if you had an expert talent agent negotiating your next big opportunity?

Rockstars, actors and athletes all have agents to get them the best deal. Why can’t talented accountants and finance superstars? 

When you join our talent network, our team of agents will:

– Work to get you the best opportunity possible at top companies in DC.

– Act as an evangelist and negotiator to get you the highest rate from potential employers.

– Help you create a career roadmap to reach your goals.

– Be available to support you via phone, email or in-person.

 “What’s the next step?”

Let's jump on a quick call to better understand your situation and recommend the best way to position your skills in the market.