The way businesses get work done is changing.


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By 2025 gig workers will account for 35-40% of the workforce.
— Gartner

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We’re not the middle, we’re the means. We’re dissolving a barrier. By providing the tools and resources to reduce overhead, friction and complexity, we offer more control, choices, transparency and connections than ever before


A network where everybody wins

The ability for employers and consultants to engage in a more efficient and meaningful way is why we exist. We are focused on building a network of employers and consultants that can engage in a way that represents the future of work.


A more efficient way to access specialized talent

There is power in proximity and real value in being closer to the people you engage. There are enormous pools of talent around us. Understanding the local talent market helps us better anticipate the needs of our consultants and employers. Because ultimately we believe that the closer you are, the farther you can go.

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