Work together

We’re not the middle, we’re the means. We’re dissolving a barrier. By providing the tools and resources to reduce overhead, friction and complexity, we offer more control, choices, transparency and connections than ever before.


Building a network where everyone wins

The ability for employers and consultants to engage in a more efficient and meaningful way is why we exist. We are focused on building a network of employers and consultants that can engage in a way that represents the future of work.


Hire direct

Have access to a warm bench of vetted consultants and hire consultants directly to satisfy your project needs in near real time. It’s the new way for consultants and employers to engage and work together and it is removing the excess premiums that exist today.

Stay focused

There is power in proximity and real value in being closer to the people you engage. This is why ConsultDirect focuses exclusively on building connections within local markets. There are enormous pools of talent around us. Our approach capitalizes on them. Understanding our local markets helps us better anticipate the needs of our consultants and employers. Because ultimately we believe that the closer you are, the farther you can go.

Drive business value

We are focused on facilitating the engagement between Employers and Consultants that result in successful project outcomes.

See how ConsultDirect is changing the way employers and consultants engage

There is a vision and drive shared by the consultants and employers who are redefining the way we work. They see new opportunities in the monumental shift taking place around them and are blazing trails that the rest of us will follow.

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